Public Relations

As a profession, public relations is like the media itself – understood and appreciated by some people, mistrusted and disliked by others. Like reporters and editors, there are good PR people who know their business and those who justifiably earn the labels of flaks and spinmeisters. It’s more of an art than a science, so choosing a PR team for your business is as important as hiring a key executive.

At aMate, our style is built on our depth of knowledge and skills. We have invested years in building strong and valuable relationships with media and analysts. Your image and reputation is in safe hands at aMate. Our word is our bond and our skills are at the top of our profession. As the world is changing fast and dramatically, we stay on top......of these changes and new developments.

- Analyst and Consultant
- Relations Broadcast Media Relations
- Byline Article Placement
- Communications Audits
- Competitive Coverage Assessment
- Consumer and Business Media Relations
- Customer Case Studies
- Editorial Writing Services
- Global Communications Programs
- Interactive and Multimedia Services
- Investor Relations
- Key Editor Outreach
- Media Training
- Press Kit Development
- Product Launches
- Product Reviews
- Speaking Opportunities/Speakers Bureau
- Special Events Planning and Execution
- Targeted Placements
- Trade and Online Media Relations
- Trade Show Support
- Interview techniques
- Message delivery
- Personal presentation skills