Why aMate

It’s a blend of skills, personality, and sheer chemistry . . Here are just a few of the reasons why we think aMate should be your next agency.

Senior-Level experience – being effective and result driven.
Extensive contacts –  worldwide
Professional skills based on longtime, international, experience
People skills
Strategic helicopter view
Communications skills: a message is like poetry
Proven results
Real value for today’s, ever changing economy

At aMate, we’re veterans of the corporate wars, having held senior positions in major corporations.  Key words: being effective and result driven.

Extensive Contacts –  worldwide
With media in the U.S. , the Netherlands and overseas. In some cases, our relationships are built on many successes over many years. In all cases, they are built on mutual trust and respect.

Professional Skills – “we know what we’re doing.” Everything is based on long experience.

People Skills – Sounds trivial, right? We don’t think so.  For more, click here. We pride ourselves on being able to work well with anyone in your organization AND with every journalist and analyst.

International Experience – The world as a global village. Our founder is a Dutch national, speaks five languages, and has a network of close business and media contacts around the world. And, we have strong alliances with associate firms in Europe, Asia, and Australia.

Strategic Thinking – It can be lonely at the top. For more click here. We can offer a seasoned outsider’s view to help you sort through your strategic options.

Communications Expertise – A good message is like poetry, and we can bring clarity to all your messages.

Proven Results – We’ve been successful with clients and media alike and have built a growing business, even in the face of tough economic times.  

Real Value for Today’s Economy –  Today, many companies are fighting a vicious circle between building awareness and living within ever-tighter budgets. At aMate, we can live within your budget because we want to grow with you.